Terms of use

Terms of use for the website Cantigas de Santa Maria for Singers

This website is provided free of charge for direct use by amateur and professional performers of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. You are not permitted to copy the content you find here to any other location on the Internet, nor may you extract that content and re-publish it in any other form. You are permitted to make a limited number of printed copies of individual cantiga pages, consistent with personal or ensemble use. If you wish to disseminate this material more widely, it is requested that you direct others to this website where they can view or print it for themselves, under these same conditions.

Basically, the principle here is credit where credit is due, which I hope nobody will take offence at. Although my initial work with the text built upon the exemplary work of Walter Mettmann, the project has so far taken well over 5000 hours of personal full-time effort—marking up and correcting lyric and music transcriptions, poring over manuscript facsimiles, proofreading, problem-solving, research, discussions with musical colleagues, web design, programming (over 35,000 lines of Perl and JavaScript source code as of February 2019), testing, and so on. I simply don't want copies of my work appearing without my name on them, neither do I want out-of-date versions of my work, or versions modified by somebody else, to appear with or without my name on them. The only way to avoid both is not to allow any copies to be made, and this is the only thing I ask in return for making this site available freely to all.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the editorial quality, fidelity to the original sources and academic reliability of this work, it cannot be guaranteed 100% error-free, and the copyright holder accepts no responsibility for any negative consequence of performing or recording this material. If this leaves any doubt, please email specific queries to the address below.

Andrew Casson, 6th October 2019.