Musical notation concordance

Neumat quick reference
  b r n d x
  o a e   x
Step: Join:
  y w s   j
Enter left stems before the body, right stems after, strikes (x) after the struck element, joiners (j) just before the second body.

Please read the notes on Using the musical notation concordance if you have not already done so.

Neumat code:    (press Tab to preview)
Joiners (j):
Strikes (x):

Technical note: if you just see repeated Neumat codes like o o, ra ra, royo royo on this page, with no graphical shapes, this is either because you have disabled JavaScript or because your browser doesn't support the HTML Canvas element which is used to draw inlined notes and ligatures. In the former case: please enable JavaScript, or you'll be missing out on a lot of important features of this website. Otherwise, you might like to read my note about browser support and perhaps consider upgrading your browser.

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