Cantigas de Santa Maria for Singers

Cantigas de Santa Maria for Singers

A complete edition of the lyrics and music of the 13th century Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X El Sabio, specially prepared for singers and instrumentalists.

In these pages you will find:

  • the lyrics of all 420 Cantigas, with syllable marks, phonetic transcriptions, editorial notes and links to manuscript facsimiles;
  • edited and annotated transcriptions of the original manuscript music notation for all 414 Cantigas that have it, including the facility to underlay the lyrics of each stanza in turn;
  • a Main index by number and an Index by incipit (first line or phrase);
  • a detailed guide to the Pronunciation of medieval Galician-Portuguese, the language of the Cantigas, and an overview of the Spelling used in this edition;
  • a set of research tools, including a comprehensive Text concordance linking every word form to the complete list of places where it is used, along with a Rhyming word search and a Musical notation concordance;

... and much more besides.

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